A map of The Game.

frog's Jason Severs tasked us with mapping David Fincher's 1997 movie The Game from an experience analysis perspective, as part of our 'Framing User Experience' class. What triggers drove the narrative forward, and what were the key experiential components for the story's protaganist (Michael Douglas as Nicholas Van Orton) and the 'game' service, Consumer Recreation Services (or CRS)?

We mapped environments, symbols and sensations that moved the plot forwards, and considered the way Van Orton's privacy, control and trust were eroded and rebuilt.

As a controlling, manipulative character who objectifies those around him, his world is almost inverted, with him becoming the manipulated object.

We printed a large format poster version of our map:

In class we were intrigued by what the bill for the CRS 'experience' (which is never shown) came to. "At least $10 million" was suggested. Sounds like a lot, but I wondered how it compared to the actual cost of producing the movie. It had a budget of approx $50 million, which could perhaps (amusingly enough) equate to five such experiences in 'real life'.