I'm half way through the first half of the first half of my Masters Program in Interaction Design at SVA. An eighth complete in a momentary blur of programming, soldering, public speaking, cybernetics and much besides.

A good start.

After brief flirtations with Tumblr and Wordpress I've settled on the beautifully simple Ghost blogging platform to document my 'journey' through the next 20 months. This deserves mention as Ghost is the underdog in an established race. It might seem like the world doesn't need a new blogging platform, but I disagree. Tumblr is too social. Wordpress is too bloated. Medium is too narrow. Blogger is Blogger.

The success of Ghost's Kickstarter campaign is testament to this shared desire for an elegant, focused blogging platform.

I sacrificed a weekend, but now know a lot more command line than I did on Friday. L33T.

From here on I'll be documenting project work, thoughts, and an unidentified third category to satisfy the rule of three.